International scope




Launching our products on foreign markets is an ambitious challenge, which drives us to work even harder in order to improve and keep meeting all of our customers' needs.
The consistent quality of our coffee is our ambassador throughout the world.
Our reliability guarantees constant support through time.
Our training programme is the key to the success of our distributors.
Contributing to the promotion of an Italian Espresso culture is our greatest satisfaction.


Essse Caffè is the first company in Italy to have obtained a certification for its support service. Our sales network relies on experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of the industry, well distributed across the territory where we operate, and on our own fleet of vehicles. This enables us to offer on-time sales and delivery service and a helpful support service, to help our customers make sure that their espresso machine settings are always ideal.
The mission of our agents focuses mainly on the transfer of knowledge to our customers, through training courses, as well as on offering the technical support they need to make the most of the high quality coffee beans they have purchased and turn them into the greatest espresso. We provide all our agents with the suitable training and technical equipment, in order to enable them to provide the best possible support to our customers during all phases of the coffee-making experience, from the bean to the cup.
In addition, a network of qualified generic agents manages our relationship with customers from a commercial point of view, offering entrepreneurial support and partnering up with them to help them develop and grow their business.




U našem Essse Caffe showroomu u Zagrebu vršimo edukaciju i prezentaciju spravljanja pripreme pravog espressa.